I Thought I’d Have To Deal With Anxiety For The Rest Of My Life… Then This Anxiety-Relief Necklace Changed Everything.

By Ashley
Published on 06/17/2024 at 9:56 PM

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“I’m sorry girls, I’m not gonna make it… again”

It was the 3rd time in a month I canceled plans with my friends, and I was starting to feel like they hated me.

I was battling fear, pressure, restlessness, and the rushing heartbeat that came along with my anxiety… and I just couldn’t pull myself together.

This wasn’t anything new. For as long as I can remember, anxiety has kept me from doing the things I love the most.

Over the years, I have lost jobs… ignored messages, and lost friends… avoided activities I knew I’d enjoy…

Basically, my anxiety turned me into a hollow shell of the person I used to be. I simply couldn’t get out of my own head.

It Felt Like No Matter What I Tried, I Just Couldn’t Escape…

My psychiatrist chalked it up to just being “a normal part of life”…

“Stop overthinking and just take a breath”, he would say. Then he’d write me another prescription for anti-anxiety pills and send me on my way.

To be honest with you, that infuriated me!

I’ve never been the type to fix a problem with a pill. And when I’ve tried them in the past, they only caused more problems… just watch any commercial for anti-anxiety meds on TV and listen as they rattle off all the scary side effects:

Mental fog, nausea, loss of libido, weight gain, insomnia, AND manic withdrawal symptoms with full-blown seizures.

Plus I looked up the stats… about 10,000 people die every year from an overdose of their anti-anxiety medication. That’s not exactly a risk I’m comfortable living with for the rest of my life.

I’ve also tried the alternatives too:

Meditation, yoga, breathing exercises, talk therapy…

But they either weren’t effective at all… or they were too difficult to include in my routine. Breathing exercises were the most effective, but I could never remember to do them!

I struggled to find a solution for years with no success… just a pile of pills and disappointment.

But Then I Got Lucky – And I’m Now Living Almost Completely Free From Anxiety. Here’s What Happened…

A few months ago, my sister called me and practically screamed: “COME OVER RIGHT NOW!”

When I got there, she pulled out a small necklace and handed it to me.

“What the heck is this?”, I asked.

“It’s a new device that my therapist gave me. It helps people get rid of their anxiety and stress.

“Whenever you start to feel anxious, you simply inhale through your nose, then exhale through Beam… and the stress will start to go away. I’ve been shocked by how well it works!”

Naturally, I had to give it a try… so I picked it up, took a deep breath through my nose, then exhaled, and…

WOW. This little thing forced me to breathe out slowly – something I’ve been told to do many times, but always have trouble doing properly.

I repeated the process a few times… and by the last deep exhale, I felt a wave of calm rush over me. My mind was quiet. My body felt relaxed.

I didn’t know how to explain it at the time, but my sister was right. I started to use Beam regularly… and after just 5 breaths, I noticed my anxiety begin to melt away. I couldn’t believe it.

What Is Beam? (And How Does It Work?)

Typically worn as a necklace, Beam is a simple deep breathing tool that can quickly and naturally reduce your stress and anxiety, and even enhance your focus – even when it feels like your world is going to end.

To use it, simply inhale calmly through your nose… then exhale through the metal pendant on the end of the necklace. (That’s it!)

From there, Beam’s internal design will rapidly “trick” your lungs into a peaceful state of healthy “rhythmic breathing”.

Rhythmic breathing is recommended by doctors to reduce stress and anxiety… but even more interesting, it’s the same technique Zen monks have used for thousands of years to find inner calm. (I don’t know about you, but those guys seem pretty relaxed to me…)

After using it for a few weeks, I’ve felt a thousand times better.

I Know What You’re Thinking: “Can’t I Just Use A Straw?”

Although Beam looks like a straw, a straw won’t work.

I can tell you from first-hand experience… I forgot to bring my Beam with me to work one day.

I thought I could use a straw instead… but it simply didn’t work the same. I didn’t get the same feeling I got when using Beam.

(Not to mention that I kept forgetting to use it – wearing a plastic straw around your neck isn’t exactly fashionable these days.)

I was curious, so I looked into it. Apparently, Beam has been engineered to create the ideal exhale resistance. It’s not pinky-sized for convenience… it’s actually carefully designed to be the perfect length for rhythmic breathing.

It’s all based on an Ancient Zen practice discovered by monks who practiced rhythmic breathing by playing the flute.

Of course, you’d need years to master this monk-style flute playing. But with Beam, you can master the deeply calming, anxiety-relieving rhythmic breathing technique… on your very first try! (Isn’t science cool?!)

I got curious about why Beam works so well, so I did a little research on my own. Here’s what I found:

It’s Not Just Me… Multiple Studies Have Concluded This Type Of Rhythmic Breathing Is The Key To Ending Anxiety and Stress!

When we’re stressed or anxious, it affects our breathing – often causing “shallow breathing”, which leads to a lack of oxygen. This signals to the brain that your body’s in danger (like the panic you feel when underwater for too long).

This puts your mind and body into overdrive – it thinks you’re in danger because of the lack of oxygen! And that process of increasing your heart rate and internal body temperature leads to – you guessed it – more anxiety.

If you’re feeling stressed or anxious, odds are you’re not breathing deeply enough.

And there are studies that prove it!

Multiple studies from Harvard and The University of Michigan discovered the quickest and most effective way to ease anxiety was to extend your exhale.

And further studies have even shown that rhythmic breathing can help you with depression, focus, blood pressure, and even sleep quality!

Beam helps you achieve ALL of that.

I absolutely love how it looks on me

I wear Beam around my neck everywhere I go.

It actually looks really nice. I’ve gotten lots of compliments too, without anyone even suspecting what it’s for!

The simple and elegant design wears well with a lot of my outfits – it even comes in multiple colors.

It’s so easy, anyone can use it

All I do is inhale through my mouth or nose and then exhale through Beam.

In just 1-2 minutes – sometimes less – I can feel the black cloud of fearful thoughts, pressure, and even the rushing heartbeat floating away.

Beam comes with a companion app that contains 1,000+ breathing exercises. (It’s kind of like having a personal breathing coach by your side at all times.)

I use the app a few times a week before bed and I’ve noticed I’ve been feeling anxious less often.

And when I do feel anxious, it’s not nearly as bad as it was before.

After years of anxiety, stress, and all the nightmarish symptoms that come with it, I’m SO GLAD Beam is available to me and so easy to use anywhere.

Now, I NEVER go anywhere without wearing Beam.

Here’s What I Love Most About Beam:

  • Beam works to reduce anxiety in as little as 5 breaths (compare this to “fast-acting” prescription medications that take at least 30 minutes to kick in)
  • Beam can be used 24/7. Since there are no harmful side effects, you can use it as much as you’d like.
  • It’s made to last a lifetime. Beam can save you thousands of dollars over the course of your life since you’ll be able to reduce or get rid of those expensive prescriptions or visits with a medical professional.
  • Beam is discreet, unlike other alternatives that may call unwanted attention to your anxiety. And even though it looks like a whistle, it’s not – it’s completely silent.
  • Beam has received recognition from doctors and clinicians around the world thanks to the unique and proven powers behind Beam’s breathing technique.

Simply put, Beam is the ONLY thing I’ve tried that actually relieves the anxiety and stress that has plagued my life for years.

Since I started using it, I’ve slowly started to feel like myself again. I feel far more confident knowing I can get instant relief from my anxiety anywhere I am… anytime!

It’s now rare that I cancel on my friends because of my anxiety.

I know I can confidently count on Beam whenever I start to feel anxious, so now I just take it with me whenever I leave the house.

Every year I used to spend thousands of dollars on anti-anxiety meds, therapy… and all trying all sorts of other things that didn’t really work.

But since I started using Beam, I don’t have to waste my money on these options that didn’t work for me anyway.

Most importantly of all, Beam helps me feel like I’m in control of my life again.

This relief is coming from within me – I’m not using pills as a crutch. I’m slowly rebuilding my confidence in myself. That’s powerful, and to me, it’s absolutely priceless.

UPDATE: As of today, I still LOVE my Beam! It’s the only solution that’s worked for me to relieve my anxiety.

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