“I Found My Spark Again” — How These Stylish “Acupressure Earrings” Finally Relieved My Stress & Anxiety

By Alex Taylor
Published on 06/17/2024 at 10:08 PM

After two weeks, I felt like a different person — like my old self again! 

As a fitness instructor, I’ve always prided myself on being vibrant and energetic. I help others reach their full potential physically and mentally. It's always been my identity, my passion.

But something shifted last year.

Despite my active lifestyle and an incredible support group… a cloud of unshakeable gloom settled over me. And it wouldn’t leave.

No amount of workouts, laughter with friends, or healthy eating could shake it off. I started feeling anxiety throughout the day — and my stress levels were at their peak.

The most perplexing part? There was no obvious reason for this change. My life was good on paper, but the joy and spark I was known for were fading. I couldn’t understand it, and I couldn’t find a way out in spite of my best efforts.

That was until a chance encounter at the gym, which opened my eyes to something completely unexpected. Little did I know, this discovery was about to turn everything around…

It happened a few months ago during a routine Tuesday morning class. I noticed one of my favorite regulars, Mia, sporting stylish new earrings.

I always love being able to notice and compliment my regulars on things, so I asked her about them… and when I did, Mia’s eyes lit up.

"They're actually not earrings. They're EarSeeds!"

I was confused, so she explained that they’re tiny seeds placed on your ear that help with all sorts of conditions — including stress, anxiety, and emotional balance.

Mia said she was using them for stress relief, and honestly, the way she talked about them… they sounded pretty incredible. So when she offered to let me try them, I thought “Why not?”

Little did I know, these tiny seeds were about to bring back the vibrant mood and positive outlook on life I thought I’d lost forever!

What are EarSeeds?

EarSeeds are small seeds used in auriculotherapy — a form of acupuncture focused on the ear. You place them on specific points on your ear…

And since the ear is a microsystem of the entire body, with points corresponding to different body parts and functions, this does all sorts of incredible things.

By applying pressure to these points, EarSeeds stimulate your body's natural healing processes and promote balance, which can help with a wide variety of physical and emotional conditions.

This is called ear acupressure, or “auriculotherapy”, and it’s been studied and used for years — but it’s only recently become available in a consumer-friendly version.

I checked it out on WebMD, and the benefits of EarSeeds’ auriculotherapy are well-studied¹ and pretty incredible.

By placing them in various places on your ear, EarSeeds can:

  • Help with weight loss
  • Can reduce challenges of substance abuse
  • Alleviate pain, numbness, and tingling from chemotherapy
  • Relieve lower back pain
  • Improve sleep
  • Relieve anxiety and depression
  • Help cope with trauma, grief and PTSD

They sound amazing, right? Almost too good to be true…

And even with all of my years instructing and learning in the health and wellness space, I’ll admit — I had never heard of EarSeeds before.

So naturally, I was massively skeptical. But since they had a money-back guarantee and Mia was raving about them, I decided to give them a try anyway…

My experience with EarSeeds

A few days later, I received my EarSeeds. As I unpacked them, I was just as excited as I always feel unboxing a new piece of designer jewelry.

After a thorough ear cleaning, I carefully placed the seeds, following the chart. The first thing I noticed is how surprisingly comfortable they are.

Over the following week, I started massaging them two to three times a day like the instructions said. It became a meditative practice, a moment of pause in my usually hectic day.

Within a few days, I felt a slight “positive shift” in my mood.
The heaviness I’d been carrying started to lift. My days seemed brighter, my mood more stable. It was subtle at first, but there was clearly a difference.

After two weeks, I felt like a different person — like my old self again!

I thought it could have been something else… but the EarSeeds were the only change I made during this time.

But of course, I know that results seen in a short period of time usually aren’t reliable or sustainable. One week felt like it could be a placebo, so I kept going for a month, and…

I’m so glad I tried EarSeeds — they gave me back my old vibrant, driven, passionate self!

One month into using the EarSeeds, the change in my mood and energy was INCREDIBLE.

I started looking forward to social events and seeing friends again. I didn’t have to fake my smile. My workouts were energetic and exciting again. Everyone around me noticed the difference.

In fact, Mia — the one who showed me the EarSeeds — told me I looked “glowing” the other day. And she’s right, I am glowing…

And even though I still don’t fully understand how they work, it’s very clear to me that EarSeeds made all the difference — they were the one thing that helped me get back my glow.

And I’m not the only one enjoying EarSeeds — millions of people are raving about them now!

When I tried EarSeeds a few months ago, nobody was talking about them… but since writing this, I’ve seen them everywhere — Vogue, Marie Claire, to name a few. And now everyone seems to have discovered their endless benefits!

I can’t imagine life without my EarSeeds — if you’re struggling with feeling “off”, you have to try them!

Whether you’re looking for help with weight loss, anxiety, stress, pain, sleep… there’s an endless list of ways EarSeeds can help you live a happier, more fulfilling and balanced life.

They’re also so easy to use — it only takes me a few minutes to put them in place, and they give me all-day-long relief and confidence.

And most importantly, the difference in how I feel is night and day. It's amazing to have found something so simple yet so effective, and without needing to spend a fortune or turn to medication.

I’ve started recommending EarSeeds to my clients as an extra boost along their wellness journey, and I’ve ordered extras as gifts for my loved ones.

If you’re also like me — feeling “stuck” and struggling with anxiety, stress and general discomfort — then you have to try EarSeeds.
Maybe all it takes to get you back on track is a tiny, stylish little seed!

UPDATE: EarSeeds are on sale for a limited time!

Great news! EarSeeds are currently offering a limited-time discount when you buy directly from their official website.

Purchase a set of EarSeeds and get up to 40% OFF your first order. It's the perfect opportunity to treat yourself and share the gift of wellness with a friend!

I’m not sure how long this offer will last, so be sure to stock up now if you’re interested. Don’t forget that they offer an excellent no-questions-asked guarantee, so you can try them out risk-free!

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