Foot Pain Almost Forced Me to Retire. Now, I Walk Better Than I Did 30 Years Ago

By Josh R.
Published on 01/11/2024 at 11:39 AM

Eight out of 10 Americans experience foot pain. I was one of them.

For over 40 years, I farmed the same 1,800 acres in southwest Iowa.

We worked like dogs — particularly in our younger years, before we owned the Gator or ATVs. Back then, we walked fence lines, checked pasture land, and chased cattle all on foot.

I don’t move like I used to. Just climbing up and down corn bins or tractor ladders can cause brutal pain.

And I know it’s all because of my feet.

All those years, walking miles on uneven terrain wearing boots instead of fitted, cushioned tennis shoes did a number on my feet. I started feeling it in my thirties, but thought it might go away.

Yet 30 years later, it’s only gotten worse. The pain in my feet spread to my knees, to the point where I couldn’t climb into the semi my feet hurt so bad.

I thought I’d farm for five more good years before retiring. But this past harvest season was so miserable I honestly thought about giving up.

I couldn’t walk without pain. Couldn’t come home and enjoy time with my wife without pain. Couldn’t play with or carry either of my two grandkids without pain.

That’s when a buddy of mine told me about Soul Insoles. And I gotta tell you, I don’t know what these things are made of, but they changed my life.

Soul Insole is Unlike Any Shoe Insert I Ever Tried

I can’t tell you how many podiatrists my wife dragged me to over the years. And that’s after we nearly bought-out a pharmacy with all the shoe inserts I tried.

Once, my wife nagged me so much I agreed to have custom insoles made. That took three different doctor appointments and hundreds of dollars. They didn’t do a thing.

When a friend bugged me to try yet another shoe insert, I said, “Nah, those things don’t work.”

Boy was I wrong.

Soul Insoles did what all those other inserts promised, yet failed to do: relieve pain. Suddenly, I could climb ladders and walk pasture lines without pain. My wife says I’m moving like I’m 30 again.

With the throbbing in my feet gone, I felt pain vanish from my knees. For the first time since they were born, I could actually keep up with my grandkids.

How Soul Insole Works

Soul Insole uses high-performance memory gel and a biomechanical design to evenly distribute pressure across the foot.

No wonder Soul Insole is the #1 choice by doctors, physical therapists, and practitioners worldwide!

Rather than experience shooting pain throughout your heel and ball of your foot every time you take a step, Soul Insole does the grunt work for you. The soft support not only relieves pressure, but trains your foot to strengthen it’s natural arch — without causing your foot to rely on the support.

In other words, the Soul Insole patented design actually teaches your feet to stand properly. I promise you, I was not walking or standing properly throughout my younger years.

With your feet more aligned, you can heal your body from the ground up. The pain relief spread to my knees, and even my lower back and neck.

I really felt 20 years younger.

Soul Insoles Gave Me My Life Back

Before I used Soul Insoles, I was fully prepared to give up farming. But to do what? I couldn’t play with my grandkids and could barely walk without pain.

What kind of life waited for me in retirement? Sitting in front of the television watching reruns?

Soul Insole gave me energy, reduced my stress levels, and made me enjoy my daily life. The Soul Insoles provides shock absorption, so I don’t experience pain — even when walking the toughest of terrain or chasing after toddlers.

Plus, Soul Insoles fits easily into my tennis shoes and working boots — I never have to worry they won’t fit a pair of footwear. Plus, they’re odorless (which I can’t say for my former shoe inserts).

I bought Soul Insoles over a year ago, and can honestly say they feel as good as the day I bought them.

If You Spend All Day On Your Feet, You Have to Try Soul Insole

Eight out of 10 Americans experience foot pain. I was one of them.

If you work a manual job or find yourself on your feet all day, you have to try Soul Insoles. Don’t be like me, wasting decades of your life living in chronic pain.

Right now, you can try Soul Insoles risk-free for 60 days. If you don’t like them (which you will) — just send them back. No harm, no foul.

When I retire, it’s going to be because I want to — not because I’m in so much pain I have to. And when retirement comes, I look forward to many days spent golfing, walking with my wife, and playing with my grandkids.

^^All done on two, pain-free feet.