The Truth About The Internet's Favorite Headache Cap… Does It Really Work?

By Alex Taylor
Published on 06/17/2024 at 9:52 PM

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Our headache expert tested out the viral “Headache Relief Cap” that’s racking up millions of views on social media… keep reading to find out if it lives up to all the hype!

Every time you get a headache, you’re forced to make a decision:

Do you take a painkiller? Or do you wait it out?

Doctors warn that painkillers can damage your liver, raise your blood pressure, and even result in “rebound headaches” that are worse than before.1 But when your headaches become overwhelming and start limiting your life, popping a pill often feels like your only option.

Naturally, the best option would be something that gives you the same relief as painkillers, but without drugs. And while there are a lot of products on the market that promise that, few of them are actually able to fulfill that promise.

Most natural headache remedies we’ve tested can reduce some pain, but until recently, we hadn’t seen a product that compares to the relief you get from painkillers.

That’s why we paid extra close attention to a new product that’s taken social media by storm: the Headache Relief Cap.

You may have seen it already — there are dozens of TikToks with millions of views featuring people gushing about how the Headache Relief Cap has given them instant headache relief. Many people say it’s completely changed their life.

6.8 Million Views on Tiktok

This made us curious: Can the Headache Relief Cap really provide fast, life-changing relief — without using chemicals, drugs, or refills?

To find out, we ordered one for our resident headache expert, Jake. He’s suffered from cluster headaches and migraines for years, and has tried “every friggin’ headache product anyone’s ever made” but has yet to find something that actually works. He tried the Headache Relief Cap himself — keep reading to find out what he thinks about it!

First off, what is the Headache Relief Cap?

The Headache Relief Cap is a patent-pending hot and cold therapy device that claims to provide natural, doctor-approved relief for many types of headaches.

It’s unique for three main reasons:

Combined, this “pain relief trifecta” supposedly makes the Headache Relief Cap capable of giving you total relief in a matter of minutes. As a bonus, users say it also reduces stress and relaxes them.

The Headache Relief Cap has actually existed for a few years, and it’s racked up thousands of 5-star reviews from happy customers — but due to their limited marketing budget, they didn’t become popular until recently, when testimonials on social media started spreading like wildfire.

The company itself seems to be respectable and stable. They support Susan G. Komen®, donating a large sum each year to support breast cancer research, and customers cite the fast shipping times and helpful customer service.

How is the Headache Relief Cap supposed to work?

In the videos, you see people simply placing the cap over their heads, then claiming their headache is going away.

As I learned, that’s actually all there is to it… it’s surprisingly simple.

There are basically two ways to use the Headache Relief Cap: Hot or Cold.
How you use it depends on your headache and personal preferences.

To use the cold therapy, simply take your Headache Relief Cap out of the freezer, easily slide it onto your head, relax for 15 minutes and enjoy the relief!

To use the hot therapy, simply microwave your Headache Relief Cap for 10 seconds. If you’d like it a bit warmer, keep zapping it in 5-second increments. When it’s at the desired temperature, just slide it on.

After digging around the internet, I learned that this is actually a highly recommended form of therapy. According to WebMD, which works closely with over 100 nationwide doctors and health experts, using cold therapy, heat therapy, and easing pressure on your scalp are the top 3 ways to relieve your headache.

So it makes sense that the Headache Relief Cap gives such effective relief… it combines the top 3 most recommended ways to relieve headaches into one device!

The Big Question: Does the Headache Relief Cap do what it claims?

In my experience, yes — absolutely. In fact, I’m not exaggerating when I say it’s the best headache relief product I’ve ever tested.

As I’ll explain in a moment, I found it very easy to use and extremely effective at relieving my headaches. In fact, it effectively relieved many of the headaches I had during the test period — it worked every time. It also reduced the pain from my cluster headaches, which even painkillers often fail to help with.

Personally, I found the best relief with cold compression — it melted my headaches away in about 6 minutes. But many people with tension headaches prefer warmth. I suggest trying both to find out which helps you the most.

Personally, I use the cold compression therapy most often – it has built-in thermal insulation, meaning it actually stays cold long enough for my headaches to disappear.

Most importantly, I still use it every time I get a headache, even though the test period is over. (I can’t say that about most of the products I’ve reviewed!)

Why does the Headache Relief Cap work so well?

Here’s the thing: Before the Headache Relief Cap, I had already tried using ice packs with mediocre results… so I was confused. I didn’t understand why the Headache Relief Cap worked so well for me when similar alternatives failed.

As it turns out, the Headache Relief Cap's 360° stretchable compression design makes a big difference. Because it wraps around your entire head, it’s able to evenly distribute the compression. This innovation allows the cap to hit all the important headache relief points on your head for maximum relief.

Finally, the fact that it blocks out sunlight is huge. If you get headaches, then you know how painful intense light can be. Not only do the dark materials keep this sunlight from bothering me, it enhances the overall relaxation I feel.

What we like about the Headache Relief Cap

I found a lot to love about this thing, and it’s become my new go-to option instead of pills. It works every time. Here are just a few of the highlights:

  1. It works on many types of headaches.

The Headache Relief Cap's “triple therapy” technique is extremely effective for relieving many types of headaches including tension and stress headaches

It’s also great just for relaxation after a long day.

      2. It’s made with comfortable, breathable materials.

The Headache Relief Cap was clearly made by someone who’s suffered from a headache or two. It’s made with soft fabric that breathes easily — it feels like a “cool pillow” around my head, which quickly stops the painful throbbing.

In fact, many of the TikTok videos feature people sleeping with it on!

17 Million Views on TikTok

While I haven’t tried that myself, I can totally see how soothing it would be. I’ll try it next time I get a headache at night!

          3. It’s completely safe and very easy to use.

The one-size-fits-all design makes the Headache Relief Cap a convenient solution for both kids and adults. It’s 100% safe to use (even on bare skin) and there’s no uncomfortable velcro, hard inserts, or ice to fuss with.

        4. It works FAST.

From the moment you put it on, you can already start to feel your headache go away.

In most cases, my headache was completely gone after 5-10 minutes. That’s faster than painkillers!

What we don’t like about the Headache Relief Hat

Although the Headache Relief Cap was hands-down the best natural relief I’ve found, it does have a couple drawbacks.

  • It takes time to switch from hot to cold therapy.

This may not be a problem for you, but it does take some time for the Headache Relief Cap to get cold — about two hours.

This wasn’t too frustrating, because I kept mine in the freezer at all times, so it was always ready when I needed it.

But if you think you’ll want to switch back and forth between hot and cold therapy quickly, you may want to buy two caps.

  • For best relief, you should wear it as soon as you start feeling pain.

While the Headache Relief Cap was able to reduce my pain even after my headache was in full swing, I was only able to be “100% headache free” when I used it within the first hour or so of feeling the headache.

This can be difficult for those who are active and may not be near their freezer at all times. My solution was to get a second cap that I keep at the office, which means I’m rarely far from relief.

Overall, it was hard to find things I didn’t like about the Headache Relief Cap. If you get headaches, I highly recommend trying it!

I can’t express how happy I am to have found the Headache Relief Cap… I honestly never thought I’d feel so free from my headaches.

And of course, I’m not entirely free. I still get headaches regularly… but now I have a powerful, natural way to relieve them in seconds. It makes a world of difference.

Bottom line: If you or a loved one suffers from headaches on a regular basis, then you absolutely have to experience the Headache Relief Cap for yourself. It even comes with a 30-day 100% satisfaction guarantee and 1-year warranty, so you’ve got nothing to lose.

Where to get the best price on the Headache Relief Cap


Due to its sudden viral popularity, the Headache Relief Cap is frequently sold out. You’re unlikely to find it in stores, as it’s still being rolled out worldwide.

However, you may be able to get it by ordering directly from the creators, TheraICE.

In fact, they’re currently offering a special promotion in honor of their recent social media success: You’ll get a FREE Headache Relief Cap when you buy 2, or 50% OFF your second Headache Relief Cap.

This deal is not available anywhere else, and it’s not guaranteed to last. We suggest you act quickly if you’d like to try this innovation.

Have a Question? See Our FAQs

How cold/hot does the cap get and how long does it last?

TheraICE is one of the most comfortable and relaxing experiences you'll ever have. It's engineered to heat and freeze at the perfect temperatures every time you use it. The expert-grade gel and premium insulation work to hold the ideal temperature longer (up to 30 minutes) to help relieve even the most severe headaches.

Still not sure if you'll like it? try it out for yourself for 30 days and see what tens of thousands of people have been raving about.

How long does it take to freeze or heat up?

TheraICE is always seconds away from relieving even your toughest headaches. For cold therapy, store TheraICE in the freezer or refrigerator depending on your comfort level. It'll typically take 2 hours to reach the ideal 'frozen' temperature. We recommend leaving it in the freezer/fridge so it's ready to use as soon as you feel a headache coming on. For hot therapy, place it in the microwave at room temperature for as little as 5 seconds and TheraICE is ready to help you slip into deep relaxation.

What types of headaches does it help with?

No matter what type of headache you're experiencing, TheraICE can provide you with instant relief. TheraICE relieves pain in two ways: by using compression and cold therapy to constrict blood vessels and reduce inflammation, helping mute the signal of pain to your brain – or by using heat therapy to relax your muscles and ease tension, melting you into relaxation and comfort.

Does the entire cap get hot and cold?

Absolutely. Every inch of TheraICE gets hot and cold – making it easy to apply the hot and cold therapy to all the areas of your head that need it. A huge reason why the product is so effective is that TheraICE makes direct contact and applies hot and cold therapy to all the areas it needs to.

Is it easy to put on and take off?

Yes! Not only does TheraICE takes seconds to slide on and off, but our customers describe putting on TheraICE as an incredibly refreshing experience. Putting it on is easy. Just slide it over your head like you were putting on a cap and enjoy the next few minutes as the pain begins to melt away and you slip into complete relaxation. When you're done, slide it off and store it back in the freezer inside your freezer bag until you're ready to use it again.

Will it fit me? Is it comfortable?

Yes, TheraICE fits everyone comfortably. Our state-of-the-art gel liner and buttery-soft, breathable fabric provides a comfortable fit on any head size - perfect for adults and kids! Many customers describe it as having a cool cloud around your head.

Is it washable?

Yes! Washing it is easy and only takes a few minutes. For the best results, we recommend cleaning it with a damp towel soaked with hot water and a mild detergent. You can also wipe it down with a non-toxic sanitizing wipe. Let air dry. Do not submerge in water or machine wash.

Can I sleep with it on?

Yes, it is completely safe to sleep with TheraICE on. In fact, it's a great way to relax before bed and research has shown that applying temperature therapy can help promote sleep – making it ideal for anyone who gets headaches at night or first thing in the morning. Its unique design also makes it excellent for sleep: it's super thin, lightweight, and soft foam padding makes it great for both stomach and side sleepers. Use the eye covers to block the light so catch a quick nap during the day.

Do I have to wear it on my head? Or over my eyes?

TheraICE can be worn in a variety of ways depending on what you're doing or where you feel the pain. TheraICE can easily be shifted toward the back of your head and away from your eyes if you have pain in your upper neck or just wish to see. You can also use TheraICE by placing it directly on other areas of the body that hurts.

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